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YouTube Videos zu Dessous, Nachtwäsche und Lingerie. Bodyforming & Shapewear by spanx in Bielefeld.

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Make The Strange Beautiful: Backstage with Alessandro Michele for Gucci Men's Fall Winter 2020

If you're a child, you're allowed to dream, to dress differently… I would have liked to wear [Prince Charming's] hat after Carnival and instead it was put away in a ...


Gucci Fall Winter 2020 Men's Fashion Show

A metal swinging pendulum traced patterns in the sandy runway of the Gucci Fall Winter 2020 Men's show. Circling around it, 58 looks from the men's collection ...


Gucci Of Course a Horse: The Spring Summer 2020 Campaign

Set in Los Angeles, the Gucci Spring Summer 2020 campaign stars horses and their human friends in paradoxical scenarios. Of Course a Horse is conceived by ...


Gucci Chinese New Year campaign: #DisneyXGucci

Heading for a day at Disneyland with the True Original Mickey Mouse, for the #Gucci Chinese New Year campaign, directed by Harmony Korine and starring ...


The Performers Act V | KAI | Vogue, GQ & Gucci

KAI in The Performers Act V for Vogue, GQ & Gucci For the latest short film in collaboration with GQ and Vogue, director Lucy Luscombe encouraged ...


#GucciBeautyNetwork: Matte Lipstick

Presenting Rouge À Lèvres Mat: a lip colour with a clear, gelling soft wax base that works in harmony with the pigments to create an intense vivid tone with a ...


Tasting the Emilia Burger | Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura | GucciASMR

Crunch. Munch. Slurp. Chow. Relish. Misophonia is sound sensitivity syndrome, triggered by oral sounds such as the noise someone makes when they eat, ...


How to Eat the Emilia Burger | Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura | GucciASMR

Eating an Emilia Burger at the Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura. Step 1: Open the box. Step 2: Savour the perfect flavour on the palate originally created by ...


The Performers Act IV | Natasha Lyonne | Vogue, GQ & Gucci

From the ongoing collaborative film series, 'The Performers' a new film illuminates the inner psyche of Natasha Lyonne, as she explores the creative process ...


"Everybody in the Place" by Jeremy Deller | Frieze & Gucci

Part of 'Second Summer of Love'—a four-part series in collaboration with Frieze—the new film written and directed by Jeremy Deller, explores the social history ...


Gucci Getaway: The Gift Giving 2019 Campaign

Sunny shores and below deck celebrations with trees and decorations set the scene for the new holiday campaign which features a special collection of ...


Gucci Cruise 2020 | Backstage

Fun, inclusive, liberated, libertarian, hedonist, and uninhibited: the new campaign #ComeAsYouAre_RSVP is a party where everyone is invited. Take a look ...


Gucci Mane and Harmony Korine Interview for Gucci Cruise 2020

Captured behind the scenes of the ComeAsYouAre_RSVP Gucci campaign, artist, director and photographer Harmony Korine interviews Gucci Mane about the ...


SITARA | In Collaboration with CHIME FOR CHANGE

Pari is a young girl whose dream of being a pilot is crushed when she is forced into child marriage. Her story, told in animated film 'SITARA' by Academy and ...


The Performers Act III | Daniela Vega | Vogue, GQ & Gucci

Exploring identity and gender politics, the third act from 'The Performers' series in collaboration with Vogue and GQ features Daniela Vega, known for her ...


Gucci Changemakers

We are bringing the Gucci Changemakers initiative to life by bringing it into the real lives of real people.” A short film by Satchel Lee with creative direction by ...

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